Why literature?

Hello to anyone reading this 🙂

I decided (on a work whim) to try my hand at writing about what I know best – FYI its BOOKS 😀 (or at least I like to think so anyway), and before I knew it I’d set up this blog (eek). As it’s my first blog, I thought I’d start off with why I love literature. Let’s see how this goes!

It’s a hard question to answer really. There’s not a definitive answer because, like to many people, it means so many different things (but definitely dependent on my mood!) For the LONGEST time whenever people asked me but why do you like to read so much? my reply was just oh, well I find it interesting or you know, it’s just something I’ve liked to do since I was a kid. 

But to us bibliophiles it’s so much more than that. It’s the smell, the feel of the book in your hand, the excitement of starting and immersing yourself in a new story with new characters and lands you never knew your mind could conjure. Most people don’t understand purely because it’s something they’re just not that passionate about, and that’s fine. They’ll be like oh yeah that’s cool if you try to explain it.

I found a quote a few years ago by Lynda Barry and Susan Kirtley in their absolutely brilliant comic strip novel Girlhood through the Looking Glass(definitely recommend, it’s ace!) that as soon as I read I was like this. This is it.

“But paper and ink have conjuring abilities of their own. Arrangements of lines and shapes, of letters and words on a series of pages make a world we can dwell and travel in.”

That quote for me sealed it. I was like this is how I can explain literature to people, to include them in my passion rather than push them onto the sidelines just because they won’t ‘get it.’ They don’t have to understand it, that’s completely fine, I’m not psyched about maths or engineering or any number of things that thousands of people are passionate about.

The point is to let people see your passion, whatever it may be, and to not shy away from it. Embrace it. Let the world know this is something you love.



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