Calling: all romantics

Hello there my fellow romantics 🙂

I feel like that word gets a lot of flak nowadays, ‘romantic.’ You tell people that you’re a romantic and they give you that pitying sort of look and words to the effect of oh, bless you. You’re so naive and idealistic. The real world doesn’t work like that.

Oh boo to you.  

So I may have watched a few too many films set in New York or London where people meet and instantly fall head over heels in love (Serendipity, I’m looking straight at you), or read books full of brilliant heroines and dashing heroes. 

But sue me. I can’t help it. Escapism, naivety, innocence, call it what you will, I say it’s a kind of hope. From the first time I read Pride & Prejudice I was hooked. Not because of the romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, but of the way Austen doesn’t allow it to be the be all and end all for her characters. It’s something to be incorporated into a life to make it stronger, not to define it or make someone weaker. Austen’s characters, the intensity with how she writes them, and the life she pours into each one of them and her plots make them so relatable. So I guess I could blame Jane Austen for my so called ‘unrealistic expectations.’

So give me more romance. Give me all of the corny, cliche, idealistic stories. I’ll gladly take them. I’m not saying I’m an optimist (if anything I’m a realist), but in this world of cynics and pessimists we could all do with a bit more love to shine a light through the despair of it all ❤





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