Manchester <3 

Hello everyone, slightly different theme for today’s blog.

Today’s a pretty sombre day for me as a Mancunian. Last night some absolute tool thought to senselessly attack an arena full of children, young people and their parents/guardians.

22 innocent people died and it makes me sick to my core. I just can’t comprehend how someone walks into a place and decides to cause so much suffering, whether on a whim or with a calculated plan. Neither one is justified no matter what. When I woke this morning and heard the news of the devastating attacks I felt almost violated in a way. Manchester is my home. I was born and raised here. How dare somebody come into my city and attack my fellow Mancunians?! I won’t stand for this, and I never will no matter where injustice might lie. But this was personal because it a struck so close home. I may not have known those targeted personally, but I feel connected to them.

But then today Manchester did what it does best. As a city, as a community, as loving and peaceful city folk we drove out in our thousands to commemorate those who’d had their lives taken from them. We came out in our thousands to say not today! You won’t break us today nor will you ever! We will never succumb to hatred or fear. My hometown shone it’s brightest over the last 24 hours and it makes me proud as hell to call myself a Mancunian.

“The thing about Manchester is that it all comes from here❤” – Noel Gallagher



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